Sunday, 28 February 2010

Change is good

Buddhists teach that impermanence is one of the things you must accept if you want to achieve enlightenment.

Joe sent me a copy of his packing list and accompanying photo. First off a 22L pack (vs my 30L one) and he is putting the sleeping bag on the bars! Cue a quick tinkering session and I have now re-jigged the set up putting the 2Kg of clothes and drybag on the bars with the Epic Designs strap-on bag harness.

This makes the pack a lot lighter and give me a little more room. I have thrown in some extra toilet paper, sandals and merino t-shirt. I can still cram it all in the bag if needed and probably will on the longer hike-a-bike sections. Speaking of hiking with a bike next time try carrying the bike over your shoulder with the front wheel facing back...much easier especially up hill.

Training has gone well with 2 days off work and some extra miles on the bike with all the kit. Even had a traning session riding forest roads being chased by a shire-cob cross horse and cart up all the hills. He can not stand anyone being in front and has to try and catch them so I am the bait and get a 50m head start :) Pretty good interval training for us both.

Caffreys and Naked Gun DVD,



Thursday, 25 February 2010

Riding and eating

Not much to report, just keeping the wheels turning and engine fueled.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Video from the weekend

None of me as I was off the back with cramps. Nice trail though despite the tree felling in progress :(