Sunday, 28 February 2010

Change is good

Buddhists teach that impermanence is one of the things you must accept if you want to achieve enlightenment.

Joe sent me a copy of his packing list and accompanying photo. First off a 22L pack (vs my 30L one) and he is putting the sleeping bag on the bars! Cue a quick tinkering session and I have now re-jigged the set up putting the 2Kg of clothes and drybag on the bars with the Epic Designs strap-on bag harness.

This makes the pack a lot lighter and give me a little more room. I have thrown in some extra toilet paper, sandals and merino t-shirt. I can still cram it all in the bag if needed and probably will on the longer hike-a-bike sections. Speaking of hiking with a bike next time try carrying the bike over your shoulder with the front wheel facing back...much easier especially up hill.

Training has gone well with 2 days off work and some extra miles on the bike with all the kit. Even had a traning session riding forest roads being chased by a shire-cob cross horse and cart up all the hills. He can not stand anyone being in front and has to try and catch them so I am the bait and get a 50m head start :) Pretty good interval training for us both.

Caffreys and Naked Gun DVD,



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