Monday, 1 March 2010

Dull list for my records

Crank Bros pump, Topeak tool, Gerber micro, 2x tubes, puncture kit, zip ties, chan links, chian ring bolts and tool, tyre boot, 2pr brake pads, gear and brake cable - all in seat bag on bike

Alpkit Headtorch
3x AAA batteries
Sun Glasses and case, cleaning cloth.
Ricoh CX1, LowePro case and memory card
Ricoh battery charger and 2x spare batteries
Sandisc Clip 8Gb MP3 player, head phones and 4gb MicroSDHC card
4x Lithium AA's and charger for MP3
Leatherman lock knife
Passport / insurance documents
Copies of above
Moleskein note book with useful info
Pages from guide book
TNG Map of the Annapurna Circuit
0.1mm Technical pen
2x 1L Ziploc bags
Money belt
Wallet - 2x credit cards, cash (NRs and $US)

Sun screen (SPF50)
Hand wash
Chlorine Dioxide drops
First aid kit; inc syringes and hypodermic needles,
Mini-towel (A3 size)
40 antibacterial wetwipes
Lifeventure multi soap
Toilet paper
Toothbrush and paste
Ear plugs
Glasses cleaner

Rapha LS merino top
Chocolate Fish Merino T-shirt x2
Chocolate Fish Merion LS top
Chocolate Fish Merino boxers
Chocolate Fish Merino longjohns
Chocolate Fish Merino beanie
Chocolate Fish Merino socks
Montane Velocity jacket
Montane Velo over trousers
Swerve Cycling cap (waterproofed)
Silk glove liners
Long wool socks
BBB winter gloves
Lusso Repel thermal leg warmers
Swimming trunks

Karrimor Global 900 synthetic sleeping bag
Silk sleeping bag liner

2m electrical tape (on bike)
4m Gaffer tape (on bike)
Epic Designs handle bar harness
Inov-8 Pro 30L pack and 2L bladder
2x small, 1x Medium Ditty bags
2x 8L Alpkit drybags

On Me:

Fox Merino SS top
Rapha 3/4 shorts
Endura FS-260Pro Bibs
Chocolate Fish Merino Socks
SBC gloves
Bell helmet


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying a word... ;¬D


Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, my favourite item from your list is

0.1mm Technical pen


Sorry! Teeeheeeheeeeeeee. Ahhh thats cheered me up this morning.



Alex said...

o.1mm Tech pen is the only thing that allowes me to write small and fine motorskills as shot ;)

Glad it brightened your day, want me to post the weights too?