Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Big shout out to Alpkit and BPL

LOLZ! That was my instant reaction to the Alpkit Aireo 120 sleeping mat. Perhaps working in IT with people 10 years younger is rubbing off on me.

Super light (<400g) compact (would fit in a 2L cider bottle) and stealth black. £35. Super fast delivery as usual from the Alpkit staff. Can't wait to try it out.

I ordered a new tarp to replace my MASH poncho for light weight trips as it will weigh less, be more compact and not have a hood in the middle of it! To keep it upright I ordered some Dyneema cord and glow-in-the-dark line-loks from Backpackinglight which arrived today with some jelly babies included! The line is 1.5mm thick, 1.3g/m and will support 11stone (14lbs per stone...work it out!) 15m of it should be plenty for the tarp and the line-loks will make pitching and packing back up a snap. Thanks guys!

So no excuse not to get back out this weekend!

Interesting debate about the "Ride The Divide" movie on Bedrock+Paradox blog...some really experienced riders and interesting folks commenting...and some loud-mouth Brit :)



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