Saturday, 17 July 2010

What can you learn form a really long ride?

Well I took Friday off work with the plan of re-riding the 200km Audax route from 3 years back. What with work, not sleeping well and other stuff I woke up an hour after I had planned to get going and to the sound of blustery winds. Undetered I (slowly) got ready and left the house at 0930. What followed was 12 hours of pretty much constant riding taking in some lovely parts of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. The route took me to Bishops Cleeve, Bourton on the water, Cirencester, past South Cerney, under the M4 motorway, west to the top of Chippenham and Calne (complete with view of white chalk horse on the hillside) before heading due north across the tops of the Cotswolds passing Westonbirt and Tetbury before dropping back into the gathering gloom to Cheltenham. 216Km / 134miles. The furthest I have been in one day by bike!

So, considering I have not done this sort of mileage for years I was happy that a) I finished, b) my knees did not play up and c) the bike fit was spot on.

So I guess the next stage is some long days back to back to see how my recovery is as I am pretty tired today!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

What can I learn from a long ride?

Well I got off my ass and put in the longest ride I have been on for a long while. I managed a 87 mile round trip to Ledbury and back on narrow lanes and even some dirt road Guitar Ted would be proud of. Considering my longest trip for the previous months has been to work or the shops (3miles<) I did pretty well. Some mild knee pain that disappeared after a few miles. Need to get the saddle angle (and height, the TNF shoes have thick soles) tweaked to make sure my legs and ass are happy and look at some aero bars for, err, longer dirtroad trips as my hands were a little sore from the pressure. Nice day in the sun, now to re-fuel :)