Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Epic / Revelate Handlebar harness drybag goodness

Possibly the longest title on this blog so far.

Any one who has used a dry bag on the handlebars either with straps or a fancy harness you will know that long, thin bags work best to keep them out the way of the cables and off the front tyre.

I have been using the Alpkit Airlock XT (and the previous version) in the past but with the increased kit to carry on the TD the 13L bag is a little short and fat and unless I add freaky long cable outers to the brakes (and I guess the Jones bars don't help) it precludes the use of the front pocket which is a handy place for kit you need to hand.

Having looked about the obvious option is the Revelate dry bag from Eric, but I found the LOMO dry bag available in the UK and for £7 so I thought I would give it a go. First inpressions are that it is a lot longer and skinier than the closest Alpkit size bag. The fabric is much tougher and thicker than Alpkit and has a rip-stop n' clear window / end to it.

At the end of the day its a bag with a roll top closure for little money and it will keep my kit dry. I have loaded it with the TD kit I plan to carry (fleece, merino T, longjohns and socks, waterproofs, arm / leg warmers, Sealskinz gloves and socks, beanie, glove liners and buff. It all fits great and a little room to spare and much lower profile meaning I can stash food in the front pocket that I can now use.

£7 for a bag....and I'm happy. Easily pleased as always.



Anonymous said...

What size did you go for in the lomo bag?

Alex said...

12L, 18x64cm. Hope this helps.