Saturday, 4 September 2010

Where did it all start?

I guess it started years back with the first GDR race with MikeC and PeteB out front, while I was in awe of those guys I knew I could never jump straight in to that kind of race so I looked for something with a little more support but still plenty of tough riding. I found it in the MTB Himachal 2007, 9days of riding in the Indian Himalayas, with you kit transported for you along with tents, hot showers, tech support and lots of great people.

The 2010 MTB Himachal is being run from the 22 - 30 October this year, entry fee is still really cheap and flights are not to bad this far in advance. When I raced it it worked out cheaper than doing the Trans Wales with "Gold" support! Crazy! The food, tents and facilities, people and terrain made it the best event of any kind I have been to.

More info can be found here

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