Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Progress...kind of

Well the TD prep has taken a big step closer with out me swinging a leg over a bike for a while. The ACA maps have arrived (complete with adenda) and I have been busy studying them and typing out the direction changes for a South to North trip. I didn't bother with the trail info, ie "Mile 65.4 cross cattle guard" because I will have the maps for that should I need to confirm it further. I only want the "Mile 54.3 turn LEFT on to FR 3020" on the queue sheets and the GPS should confirm it :)

The wealth of info on the maps has also (with careful reading of various accounts of previous races) to note down the locations and distances between services so I can see long drags where I might need to stock up and other points where there is another gas station 4miles down the road. I have added this to the queues and hope to plan my days around what I can hit when. The down side of this is that I will hit Pie Town either Sunday evening when they are closed or Monday when they are closed all day. I was looking forward to pie too :(

So having seen the miles between towns / services, some idea of trail conditions (or what they could be) I have sketched out a plan of where I want to be at the end of each day and thus the total days on the trail...and it is a lot less than I was planning for. Which means I will go with my original plan and if I finish early all the better :) At this stage I need to test the new sleeping bag and get some 100mile+ days back to back before commiting to any numbers.

The kit is, pending some tough testing, pretty sorted at 20lbs ex food and water. I am sure I could drop some stuff but I am happy with that weight and I have clothes for all weathers down to -10degC and up to, well 80-90degF (yes I love mixing units!) pending me coping with it as I am not naturally a warm weather person as India and Nepal have shown me. They have also given me plenty of opertunity to find work-arounds for heat and keeping moving.

So on the body training front the gym looks like the only option so I plan to sign up on Monday and get some plan for core and upper body strength and possibly some strength work out for my legs as I can spin the pedals all day but short "grunts" of climbs leave me flat!




vistaed said...

If you would like some company on 100+ milers then give me a shout as I'm not too far from you in Brum.

Alex said...

I will do as it is no more than an hour away. You got any routes planned out?