Saturday, 29 January 2011

News, good, bad and the down right ugly.

Sorry for the long silence but blogging has been way down the lists of things to do. I love lists me :)

Well TD 2011 is off. Kit was sorted, bike was spot on, navigation donw and training was going OK but what I could not sort out was my head, and I am not going off half cocked on this. 2011 will be a massive year for the Td with 60+ N-S and 5 S-N riders. I think I am better off out of the scrum. The north american continent is not going anywhere soon...

I do how ever have a place in the SSWC 2011 in South Ireland and a road trip to the SSEC in Belgium with Charlie the Bikemonger. Riding has taken more of a leaisurely tilt since I, as one friend put it, chickened out of the TD. Courdride last weekend with Jo, Dan and the KoN was great fun and I had forgotten how much I like riding cross bikes off road (slowly!) and the new Surly CrossCheck (thanks Charlie!) will be the bike of choice for a while I think.

Some may remember that I rode the Dunwich Dynamo (200km from London to Dunwich overnight) Back in those days I was unfit, naive and not that comfey on the bike. I managed to finish but with a shot knee that would take weeks to recover. While the ride was great fun getting from London to Leamington with bikes on a Sunday evening was not! Luckily there is the Exmouth Exodus on the 13th Aug which takes in 100miles from Brizzle to Seaside and easier transport back.

As for the ugly, well the 130mm x 40deg stem on the Crosscheck will have to do!



Flatfishy said...

I have the same problem, 2011 was the only year for a while i could ride TD, amount of training rides were lacking but after a handful of solo days/nights out i found i was lonely and the thought of 20+ days by myself filled me with dread.
Fortunately a job intervened and TD was cancelled.
Chin up and i'll see you at WRT, if your riding it?

Alex said...

Might do the WRT but have a week off for cycling too / from SSEC not long before that so I'll have to see. I will deffo miss out the bothy this time incase Mr Cheerful is back :)

flatfishy said...

Heading north this year so Stu's not letting us go near any bothys this year as far as i know.

blackhound said...

Hi Alex, had hoped to meet you somewhere in Colorado in June / July! TD is a big field to be sure, would prefer a small field myself but you can't stop people riding public roads. Should see you in Belgium and Ireland.


Chris said...

Hi Alex,

Sorry to hear you won't be riding the TD. I was hoping to meet you somewhere. Did you ever come up with that set of S/N cues you wrote about? Thinking of a last minute change of plans given the weather!