Friday, 11 February 2011

Old new ride...

So I have had this for a while but being slack I have not blogged about it or bored people with photos...time to make amends.

Surly Crosscheck set up singlespeed with 46cm Salsa Woodchippers, A119 rims and now Schwalbe Smart Sam 700x47 These look great all round monstercross tyres as the centre tread will roll fast but the outer tread should give some grip in soft conditions or if the tyre has some pressure let out.

The crosscheck will be my ride for the France/Belgium trip as it will cope with all I (and those crazy euros) can throw at it. Adding a rear rack doubles the utility of any bike...apparently. I won't disagree.

Talking of rear racks and touring I have word of some new drybag bike touring kit, no other details at the moment but I hope to add some feedback to make it close to perfect as possible ;)

Right, some photos:

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