Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thinkering kit...

I am really looking forward to the SSEC and the road trip across France to Belgium. I think I have everything sorted except escaping London, but as I have Tuesday and Wednesday off I may just ride back...a short 100miles that will be easy over 2 days. Guess I'll see how fit I am feeling after 7days riding!

I have been thinkering with bike packing kit. While I normally go with 2 dry bags (8L and 13L) on the rack and bars but thanks to Igor I fancied keeping it all in one place and even more minimal. The only possible addition are 2 bottle cages on the fork legs (low rider rack bolt and hose clamp) for food or sleeping mat. Total weight is 7Kg / 15.5lbs. None to shabby.

One change of clothes and a spare pair of lycra shorts. Should be enough for the 4-5days to Belgium. I may well ask a friend to take a smal bag of clothes over with them in the car so I can have a change at the SSEC.

Handlebars: Sigma LED flasher, Fenix L2D front light.

Tool Bottle + Big bottle cage: Tool bottle has, well, all the tools in and chain rag and bottle of oil. Held in with vintage leather toe strap. Super big BBB bottle cage, will take 1.5L water bottle or 1L of Glenmorangie Port Wood finish :)

Rear Rack Bag: Aquapac Noatak 25L bag containing clothes, bivvi, tarp, wash kit, 1st aid kit, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and liner, spare shorts. Not shown is bungee net and 4L superlight drybag for extra food (Our first days in France are Easter Sunday / Monday...nothing will be open!) Bivvi pole is now strapped under toptube. Spare tube taped to the top of the seatstays.

Waxed cotton musette: packed with kit. under 2lbs.

Whats in it: Camera+3xbatteries, sunglasses, keys+whistle, buff, cap, 2x small ditty bags, suncream, chapstick, hand wash, bug spray. Not shown is wallet and maps.

Charlie is talking about taking cooking kit and making some tasty food each night. As much as that appeals I think that my cold menu will have to do but I will grab some hot food from a cafe or restaurant if possible.


Anonymous said...

hi there,
what is that tarp pole you are using.

Alex said...

Cheap one from Ebay....£7 and 150grams :)