Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Less blogging and only a little more riding....

Less blogging is a good thing, less riding, well, less so! I did manage two proper rides in the last two weekends: first with Matt up in Leam Spa - a nice cruise along roads and trails to get a big fry up, the second in the FoD with Ayatollah of Niche and Co. along the Dungeons+Dragons trail.

Both were really nice as they were laid back and despite the lack of riding and addition of a small wok on the front of me I was able to keep up and not blow up on the hills. Techinical skill is still up there as I was held up by a 5" full susser on The Skull trail while on my Surly CrossCheck SS and 1.75" tyres :) I do need to loose some lbs as on the bumpy stuff I could feel my bacon jacket wobble. Having been on the slim side for the previous 33years I am not happy with this development.

Next up, and rapidly approaching is the road trip to France and Belgium. Still a few minor details to sort out (like getting to Portsmouth, and back from London although I will probably ride that over night) it is all falling into place. Minimal kit, enough food for 2 days (Easter Sunday / Monday may mean many places are closed) and possibly a change of cycling and casual clothes waiting at the race. I am still going stove-less as I can eat cold food or get something hot from supermache / cafe / bar.

SSWC in Ireland is looking tentative as the cost of camping and the ferry is starting to ramp up....I would rather a week in the sun backroad touring and filling up on local food as the sun sets over the Med :)

June brings a long over due Solstice ride in Warwickshire - 100miles in the 16hrs and change of daylight on the 19th. The ride sounds great, the 0430hrs start less so! I will throw the 38c Halo TwinRails and 36:17 Dingle (thanks to Charlie The Bike Monger - buy his stuff now!) will take me the distance.

So a summer of riding is on the cusp of starting, lets hope the weather gets it's self sorted in the next couple of weeks and lets roll.