Saturday, 21 May 2011

France / Belgium 2011

So the trip through France to Belgium and the 2011 SSEC went really well. There are other write ups of the event and loads of photos so I will not add to the surplus here. Instead I will let you in on the small lessons I heave learnt on this trip.

Things I didn't need:
Cool-Neck - nice idea but no better than a buff soaked in water
MP3 Player+charger+AA's - on a group trip music is not needed
Casual shorts - light trousers were fine
Being woken by fighting/f**king wild boar at 2am :)

Things I did need:
Warm jacket - Finnistare synthetic jacket now ready to rock
Longjohns - i was sleeping cold so some merino longjohns are a must
Handwarmers - single use hand warmers for putting in the foot of the sleeping bag at night
FoilFoam mat - to go under my feet - 3/4 mats don't work for 6'2" people on wet grass. Cardboard will work in a pinch!
Ti Mug / spork - we used the stove much more than cafes (8:1 ratio)
Head band and lantern cover - for Fenix AA light
Lightweight backpack - for filling up at the supermarket

Things I would change:
Casual shirt should not be white - not with dust and suncream giving a nasty tide mark
Way I pitched the tarp - make more of a tent with a little more head room
Have more patience with others

Revised weight is 7.9Kg dry, 0.61Kg for extra cycling clothes and 0.77Kg for cooking kit and 7days of fuel :) Max load out of 9.28Kg for a real comfortable tour of indeterminate length :)

Now I need another tour to try all this out and refine it again :)